County Legislature


Jeffrey D. Berkman, Legislator

20 th Legislative District





Jeff Berkman Democratic Legislative Caucus Leader



The November election is just around the corner. We must commit ourselves to helping our outstanding Democratic county legislative and municipal candidates get reelected and elected to office.


As Democrats we share our unified concerns for open and transparent government. To back up our commitment, our Democratic Caucus in the Orange County Legislature is open to all that wish to attend to present their views. We oppose the Republican closed door system of exclusion. We can do it better.


Our party insists upon accountability and cost effective government. That is why our program of change for priority setting in the Capital Committee is now in effect, and the new public accountability officer position is on the table for discussion and preparation for an upcoming vote. We can do it better.


The Democratic Party has compassion for those with dire economic circumstances. That is why we have held forums discussing tenant and landlord issues. We will expand this effort by providing helpful information for those facing foreclosure with corresponding legislation to back it up. We can do it better.


And of course there is no question that our Democratic Party has a proven record of achievements for environmental protection. We have continued our efforts for open space and environmental resources protection. We can do it better.


Democratic Party members, we must assist each other so we can lead in way. With unity we will achieve our goals; because we can do it better.