Draft resolution for consent


August 26, 2009



WHEREAS, Pan American flight number 103 was deliberately and intentionally destroyed as an act of terrorism, on December 21, 1988 and,


WHEREAS, bombing this civilian airline murdered all 259 innocent civilians aboard and 11 innocent civilians on the ground in Lockerbie , Scotland and,


WHEREAS, Abdel Baset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, a Libyan intelligence agent was the only person convicted in the Lockerbie jet bombing in 2001 and sentenced to 27 years in prison and, has been incarcerated for 8 years and,


WHEREAS, this convicted terrorist was recently released from jail by Scotland's Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill in a shocking distorted and misplaced concept of compassion for the convicted terrorist and not for the families of those that perished and,


WHEREAS, college student Theodora Cohen of Port Jervis, Orange County was one of the 189 innocent American citizens willfully murdered and,


WHEREAS, Great Britain has been a steadfast ally of the United States of America in two World Wars and considered by many as one of America's chief allies today and,


WHEREAS, President Obama, FBI Director Mueller, congressional representatives, and many others expressed their indignation over this release.


THEREFORE, be it RESOLVED that the Orange County Legislature by passing this resolution records our opposition to the release of Megrahi and considers such release not an act of compassion but as an act of appeasement to terrorist action and Libyan totalitarianism.


FURTHERMORE be it RESOLVED that, this legislature is dismayed by the jubilant reception received by a convicted terrorist upon his return to Libya and considers this an insulting display lacking compassion for the families of innocent victims of terror and all Americans and,


That the Orange County Legislature expresses our solidarity with the memory of Theodora Cohen, the 189 Americans, the 11 innocent victims on the ground in Lockerbie, Scotland, and all 270 individuals who perished in a despicable act planned by convicted murderer Megrahi and,


That copies of this resolution shall be distributed to President Obama, Senators Schumer and Gellibrand, Congressmen Hinchey and Hall, British Prime Minister Brown, the British Embassy of America , and Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill.